Here Are Hillary’s Best Pantsuits From The Past 20 Years

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President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton smile as they wait for the arrival of the Hungarian President Arpad Goncz at the White House June 8, 1999. Earlier President Clinton said he is ””looking forward”” to being the husband of a senator, fuelling speculation that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is inching closer to a run for the Senate. (photo by Richard Ellis)

PANT SUIT FIVE: Sleek Blue with Pearls for the Future

Hillary is already the president of versatile pantsuit use. You might think that pantsuits are self-explanatory, but in reality, there are still ways to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. For example, the vacation pantsuit and important meeting pantsuit are probably a little different depending on the accessories, fabric, and color. Of course, as the pantsuit expert, Hillary understood this and made subtle changes to her pantsuit game in order to fit the occasion.

In 1999, Bill and Hillary were preparing to leave the White House and return to a “normal” life. Well, as normal as their lives post-White House could be. Of course, instead of talking about a permanent retirement, Bill claimed to be “looking forward” to being the husband of a Senator. Oh hey, I guess that would be the indication that Hillary isn’t ready to take a break. Now it’s her turn. Bill, please step out of the way so we can examine Hillary’s sleek blue-ish gray pant suit. A switch from typical front-button suits, Hillary is clearly looking forward to forging her own path once they’re out of the White House. And of course, quite a path she has forged since leaving her post as First Lady.