Here Are Hillary’s Best Pantsuits From The Past 20 Years

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Visit Of Hillary Clinton And Chelsea In Tunisia. 27 mars 1999, Hillary CLINTON, épouse du Président américain Bill CLINTON, effectue une visite de trois jours en Tunisie en compagnie de sa fille, Chelsea CLINTON. Accompagnées d’un guide elles visitent l’amphithéâtre romain d’El Jem. Hillary CLINTON porte un ensemble tailleur pantalon et un chapeau noir. . (Photo by Jean-Louis Atlan/Paris Match via Getty Images)

PANT SUIT FOUR: All Black Everything

Another duty to add to the growing task list of the First Lady is to travel as a representative of the United States to foreign countries. There are plenty of reasons as to why you might be expected to do this, but luckily the Clintons had a super cool daughter to bring along to make it more fun. Sometimes Hillary and Chelsea even went on adorable monther-daughter trips to visit other countries together. And naturally, what the women wore publicly was always the source of intrigue and attention.

In 1999, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton took a three-day trip to Tunisia. Of course, Hillary dressed in an all black pantsuit looking too cool for school. She also donned dark black shades and a hat. She’s for sure giving off the high-fashion vibes. But maybe also just doesn’t want anyone to notice her? Is it even possible for Hillary to blend in with her surroundings, though? Even wearing all black she manages to stand out in a crowd. But it’s no bright teal or pink pantsuit. Well, maybe Hillary’s getting apathetic about her pantsuit options? Oh wait, this in 1999, there are still 17 more years to go. So chances are, she’ll get back on the brightly colored pantsuits any day now.