Here Are Hillary’s Best Pantsuits From The Past 20 Years

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Bill And Hillary Clinton Leaving For Their Holidays In The Hamptons. Washington, juillet 1998. Bill et Hillary CLINTON partent en vacances dans les HAMPTONS. Hillary Clinton, portant des lunettes de soleil marche derrière Bill Clinton qui sourit en regardant l’objectif. . (Photo by Jean-Louis Atlan/Paris Match via Getty Images)

PANT SUIT THREE: Cocoa Casual For Vacation

Although some people might not agree, even Presidents and their families deserve a vacation! After all, they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and live in a constant state of expectation. They should consider the benefits of work-life balance too! So while many people flock to The Hamptons for a little rest and relaxation in the summer, so did the Clintons. They’re just like the rest of us–sorta. Presidents are nervous about appearing like their vacations are actual vacations instead of a working-vacation. They’re still accessible, and as Nancy Reagan once said, “Presidents don’t get vacations — they just get a change of scenery.”

In 1998, President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary took a much-needed vacation to The Hamptons. As they prepared to leave for the trip, Hillary looked beach-casual in her brown, cocoa-colored pantsuit. Paired with brown-tinted shades, Hillary is clearly ready to hit The Hamptons in style. So while you might think you’ve never had the appropriate occasion for sporting a pantsuit, there really is no wrong time to wear a pantsuit. The casual pantsuit can be fun too. After all, your friends probably aren’t expecting you to show up for your camping trip looking breezy in a cocoa-colored pantsuit.