21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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13. President Allan Trumbull (Olympus Has Fallen)

President Trumbull is the only acting President on the list. He’s actually a long-serving U.S Congressman who’s now serving as the Speaker of the House. He eventually becomes the Vice President. He was made acting President after President Asher, and Vice President Rodriguez were taken hostage by North Korean terrorists.
You would think anyone becoming the interim president while simultaneously dealing with a hostage situation and eliminate nuclear war would be shellshocked. Not President Trumbull. He deals with the situation with such poise you would think he does this on a weekly basis. Almost immediately after Trumbull arrives in the war room, he is giving instructions on securing nuclear sites and surrounding himself with experts on North Korea. He then orders to speak directly to the premier of North Korea on a secure line. No time to go through emissaries for this situation. Once he establishes what North Korea is going to say about the situation, he communicates to the United States allies. He also has them set up a press conference so he can reassure the American public they have the situation under control. Below is an excerpt of his speech.

"“I want to reassure to all Americans and everyone around the world that, despite today’s events, our government remains 100% functional. We know that The President is alive. To our friends; we are grateful for your loyalty and support. As a nation, we’re never stronger when tested. We will remain united and strong. God bless you all. God bless the United States of America.”"

President Trumbull is the best acting President. He is calm under pressure and is a million steps ahead of everyone. Since Trumbull has been in politics for decades, he understands how the machine works but knows you don’t always have to follow the rules.