21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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8. President Andrew Shepard (The American President)

Andrew Shepard is a breath of fresh air and an incredible orator. People are drawn to his nerdy history buff demeanor. His wife died three years ago from cancer. While being the President of the United States, he is also an active father of a teenage daughter. He is in a reelection battle of his life. Being the seasoned politician that he is, he understands how to get things done.

What he does not account for is falling for an environmental lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade. Political opponents use her activist past, and President Shepard supposed lack of family values to hurt him politicly. For the most part, he ignores the hurtful comments. This proves to be a bad idea when his approval numbers plummet, and with it, support of his crime bill. Shepard decides to pass a watered down version of his crime bill at the expense of the environmental bill Wade is advocating.

Shepard has surrounded himself with amazing advisors. They not only do they keep him grounded. They have no problem telling the President if something is not a good idea, of course, respectfully. They finally convince him to start fighting back. The results are the video above.