19 Fantastic British Sci-Fi Series You Can Binge Right Now

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The Season 2 cast of “Primeval”. (Photo: BBC)


Sometimes, you just need a slightly cheesy British sci-fi series with dinosaurs in it. And Primeval is 100% that show.

This drama follows the story of a team of scientists tasked with investigating the appearance of temporal anomalies – or “earthquakes in time” – across the United Kingdom. This is basically code for “go around England fighting dinosaurs”. Granted, not all the creatures who come through these time portals are dinosaurs – some are weird creatures from the future or parasites. But an awful lot of them are dinosaurs.

Our intrepid team of science heroes must capture these creatures before any harm is done to the country – or before regular folks find out that dinosaurs exist. This often proves to be an extremely dangerous – and sometimes deadly – undertaking. Primeval ran for three seasons, got cancelled, resurrected, and then ran for two more, again. Don’t be surprised when there’s a lot of changes in both cast and style along with way, is all I’m saying.

That said, if you’re looking for some light and generally breezy entertainment, you could do a lot worse than Primeval. It’s wildly silly and sometimes the CGI toes the line of “pretty dreadful”, but compared to a lot of things on this list, this show is quite a bit of fun.

Number of Seasons: 5

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