19 Fantastic British Sci-Fi Series You Can Binge Right Now

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Luke Newberry in “In the Flesh”. (Photo: BBC)

In the Flesh

Basically, this is a zombie show for people who really aren’t that into The Walking Dead.  While In the Flesh is set after the zombie apocalypse, the story isn’t focused on shambling hordes of flesh-eating monsters. Rather it tackles the lives of the undead and their communities afterward. During “The Rising” in 2009 thousands of deceased people were reanimated as rabid zombies. A cure was found to bring consciousness back to the undead, and those zombies who weren’t killed by roving militias were rounded up, medicated and rehabilitated. They’re now known as sufferers of Partially Dead Syndrome (or PDS) and must reintegrate into life in their former homes.  This involves everything from wearing contacts and make-up, to attending post-death therapy sessions.

In the Flesh follows the story of teenager Keiran Walker, a PDS sufferer attempting to fit back in to the family and community that he left behind. Kieran committed suicide, which definitely complicates things to that end. And he also must deal with the fact that several members of his immediate family aren’t exactly PDS-friendly.

On the surface, this is a zombie story about how the world survives after the dead rise. But it’s really an exceptionally human story, about guilt, prejudice, acceptance and community. It’s frequently funny, and often extremely uncomfortable. It’s makes us think about what it’s like to be people in a whole new way. Which is, after all, kind of the point of science fiction. (More’s the pity that this got cancelled after just two seasons!)

Number of Seasons: 2

Where to Watch: Hulu