19 Fantastic British Sci-Fi Series You Can Binge Right Now

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The cast of “Intruders”. (Photo: BBC America)


Based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel, Intruders features a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others after their own deaths. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds.

We follow the story of Jack Whelan, an L.A. detective investigating some strange occurrences around a string of suicides. He’s not having much luck solving the case – until he starts checking into a group called Qui Reverti. Agents of this secret society call themselves Shepherds, and their job is to seek out the hosts of these returning souls. Once found, they show them a “trigger” – an item that was important to them in their past life. They then fight the host soul for control of the body.

There’s a bit of an X-Files vibe here – in the sense that the story is incredibly creepy and also incredibly confusing. And don’t go in expecting all your questions to be answered either. Intruders was cancelled after just a single season, so there’s a lot we’ll never know.

This joint BBC-BBC America production (one of the first that I can remember) is…kind of weird. Mostly it’s interesting weird, not bad weird, but the idea behind it in some ways is more ambitious than its execution. The rules of the secret society and its host/soul occupation process don’t always make a ton of sense either. But the cast, which includes John Simm, James Frain and Mira Sorvino does its best to sell even the most convoluted bits.

Number of Seasons: 1

Where to Watch: Hulu