39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Romeo (Romeo + Juliet)

Romeo, Romeo, why would you think Romeo would not make the list? Of all of Shakespeare’s men, the most love struck of them all is young Romeo. A boy who falls in love quicker than most take to shower who ended up killing himself for no reason.

They teach us this in school, folks. It’s a little messed up that one of the first plays we read in high school is about teenagers killing themselves for love. Romeo though is the most looked at as one of the most iconic romantic figures of our time. A teenage boy, who kills himself because he thinks his love is dead only to be wrong, is our idol when it comes to romance.

Do you see how strange this all is? Romeo is very much a boy. He is in love with Rosaline before he even meets Juliet and then it meets Juliet and it is suddenly like he never liked Rosaline to begin with. He marries Juliet despite his family’s hatred of hers and the two of them end up coming up with the worst plan ever (because they are children) and it results in both their deaths. Again, Romeo and Juliet is taught in schools guys.