10 Things That Make Mamma Mia Amazing

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Very clearly the superior of ABBA songs, this in the movie was what most of us would call interesting. Pierce Brosnan is what many would call a terrible singer and those many people would be right. He’s terrible.

But there is just something about how hard he tries in this movie that makes his performance enjoyable despite his lack of ability. He can’t sing at all but he tries and that’s really what counts. So with S.O.S, Donna is trying to ignore him but Sam (Brosnan) wants to talk to her.

It shows the movie’s weird use of the people of this small Greek town and how they all somehow are always around. It’s great because they just stare at Sam when he sings to Donna and no one seems to know what’s going on.

That’s what makes this movie incredible, everyone is dancing and singing and there is always one person who seems to not know what is happening but will join in now matter what. This song is also great because they end up singing with each other on a stone wall and none of it really makes a lot of sense. But it’s great nonetheless and a wonderful part of the movie.