10 Things That Make Mamma Mia Amazing

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Super Trouper

Donna and the Dynamos. They are incredible. Donna and her friends Tanya (Christine Baranski) and Rosie (Julie Walters) were part of a girl power band back in the 80s and they decide to perform for Sophie’s bachelorette party. But let’s go back to the part where they were all part of a girl power band.

How amazing is that? Like it’s not really that important in the overall story, just something mentioned a few times, but how great? Donna literally was a rockstar and all the men she was with tried to be rockstars and couldn’t make it. But Donna did.

Mamma Mia was really ahead of the curve with making a feminist statement. Yeah, it ended up with her still marrying a guy and all this, but it focused on what Donna did on her own. She raised a beautiful daughter, ran a hotel, and had a singing career all by herself.

This song also shows how amazing Donna, Tanya and Rosie’s friendship is. The three are clearly still very close and it’s wonderful to see something like that in movies. They just love each other and singing. Though is anyone even sure what “Super Trouper” is about? What is a Super Trouper? Is it about the lights in Nebraska? Who knows!