10 Things That Make Mamma Mia Amazing

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Colin Firth

The greatest thing about the entire movie is Colin Firth as Harry. He is a lovely gay man with dogs who just works in a bank for a living. And he plays guitar and loves Sophie no matter what. Basically, he’s perfect.

The entire movie showcases Colin Firth at his strangest and it’s glorious. He literally just dances around and wears the weirdest outfits and plays guitar and honestly, this should be Colin Firth in every movie.

It’s such a contrast from the Firth we know now and it’s crazy to think that four years later he ended up with an Oscar. He went from suntanned in Greece singing and falling in love to an Oscar. It’s quite the transition for an actor.

But his performance as her potential father Harry is absolutely adorable. He truly cares about Sophie and does whatever he can to make her happy in the short while he knows her. And it’s that that makes Colin’s performance one of the most memorable parts of the entire movie.

That and he looks really good in those white linen shirts. It’s like someone gave went into everyone’s brains and said “yes, we want Colin Firth in linen shirts and tight pants.”