How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Ben Wyatt

Ben is no stranger to political career blundering mistakes. So Hillary’s email scandal would give him wartime flashbacks to Ice Town. But he’d vote for Hillary no questions asked. Yes, he’d research the third party candidates but he knows how the system works.

While he wouldn’t be as forthcoming as Leslie, he’d still volunteer to help the Clinton campaign and try and get as many new voters to vote for Hillary as possible. That and Leslie would threaten him if he didn’t agree to help her get new voters.

There would be an instance where he was looking up Gary Johnson and Leslie would catch him and call him a traitor and refuse to speak to him until Ben had to give her a hand crafted Hillary Clinton doll. Because let’s be real, Ben Wyatt never makes a decision without thoroughly researching it. He definitely made a spread sheet about the economic climate each candidate would create.

So while our sweet baby Ben is the Ice Clown who made Ice Town which cost him his town crown, he’d vote for Hillary. He would want the best life for his children and he would know that Clinton would be the best option for them.