How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) in Parks and Recreation, Screencap via NBC

Leslie Knope

It is no question who Leslie Knope is voting for. She’s idolized Hillary Rodham Clinton for years and so she knew the minute Hillary’s name was on the ticket that she’d see the first woman president. What she wouldn’t foresee is her sexist opponent.

Just imagine Leslie Knope watching those debates, you can almost hear her screaming no on her couch while Ben tries to calmly remind her that they have three babies she’s already woken up with her Trump hating tirade that night.

Leslie definitely would be volunteering non-stop at whatever Clinton call center she could get her hands on, especially when all of Trump’s tapes came out. She’d make sure he never got into office. She’d also definitely have an entire binder made for any time she came in contact with a Trump supporter. It’d be filled to the brim with Hillary’s qualifications and voter registration forms.

And when election night finally came, she’d be on her couch with her entire family surrounding her.  She’d have a party with all her closest friends and family there. Leslie would cry as the votes rolled in and she watched the first woman president win. She’d cry and hold her baby Sonia and tell her that she can do whatever she wants. Even if that ‘whatever’ is being president.