31 Times Gilmore Girls Had the Best Representation of Female Friendship

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5. Rory and Lane Survive Long Distance Friendship (Twice)

Season 1, Episode 8 “Love & War & Snow”

It isn’t easy staying close to the people you were friends with in high school after graduation. So much changes when you go away to college, you have so many new experiences, and grow as a person in many ways. Nevertheless, Rory and Lane manage to survive two long distance friendships, first when Rory goes to Chilton and then later when she goes to college at Yale.

Rory and Lane’s relationship stays strong because of their constant communication and ability to make time for each other. They are constantly speaking on the phone or visiting each other after school or on weekends. Rory goes to all of Lane’s gigs and they usually attend town events together as well.

Most importantly, they are able to talk it out when they have a problem.  When Rory first starts dating Dean and gets swept up in young love and life at her new school, Lane confronts her. She tells Rory she needs to be more present. Instead of getting in a fight they are able to talk about what they both need from each other now that they don’t go to the same school anymore. It is a sign of their healthy relationship and respect for each other that they are able to work through their problems and maintain a friendship that spans years.