31 Times Gilmore Girls Had the Best Representation of Female Friendship

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6. Lorelai Teaches Rory How to Wallow

Season 1, Episode 17 “The Breakup, Part II”

When Rory doesn’t tell Dean she loves him after he says it first, he breaks up with her. Rory refuses to be upset by this. Instead she plans a day full of things to do, including attending a Chilton party (which she hates) to keep herself distracted. She is determined not to be the girl who falls apart just because she got dumped.

Lorelai thinks Rory needs to wallow, to mourn the loss of her first love. She thinks it is a healthy part of any breakup and something that has gotten her through some of her own broken hearts. However, she also respects the way Rory wants to deal with her pain. Lorelai goes along with all of Rory’s plans because she just wants to do whatever it takes to make her daughter feel better.

When Rory finally is overwhelmed by her feelings and needs to wallow, Lorelai is there to comfort her and order the pizza. She doesn’t gloat over being right. She is there for Rory in whatever way she has to be. Having a person in your life who tells you it is okay to fall apart is incredibly important. These are the people who will never judge you or make you feel bad for having an off day. Lorelai is there to show Rory that the world will not end if she takes a moment to cry it all out. For someone like Rory who always has everything together, this is exactly the kind of friend she needs in her mother at this moment.