14 Hilarious British Comedies You Can Binge Right Now

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Miranda Hart in “Miranda”. (Photo: BBC)


This sitcom stars British comedian Miranda Hart, and is based on her semi-autobiographical BBC 2 Radio comedy called Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop. It revolves around the adventures of a socially inept woman named Miranda, who frequently finds herself in awkward and embarrassing situations. She’s a bit of a misfit when compared to her upper-middle class family. Her height means she is sometimes mistaken for a man. She’s incredibly clumsy. And she’s a constant disappointment to her mother, who just wants her to find a husband and a proper job.

This is one of the few shows on this list that’s almost exclusively lead by a woman, and Miranda Hart is a charming, fun actress. Miranda does have quite a retro feel, however. It features a laugh track, a great deal of slapstick comedy primarily centered on Hart knocking something over or falling down, and many jokes focused on Miranda’s disastrous love life. However, the show has tremendous heart – and Hart herself projects an air of loveable vulnerability. You’ll root for Miranda despite her many mistakes – especially once her attractive friend Gary (played by Lucifer’s very dreamy Tom Ellis) from university enters the picture.

Number of Seasons: 4

Where to Watch:  Hulu or Acorn TV. However, the two-part series finale Christmas special does not appear to available at this time anywhere. Sad face.