14 Hilarious British Comedies You Can Binge Right Now

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The cast of “Fresh Meat’s” final season. (Photo: Channel 4)

Fresh Meat

This Channel 4 series follows the lives of six students – Vod, Oregon, Josie, Kingsley, J.P. and Howard –at fictional Manchester Medlock University. Five are “freshers” (i.e. first year students), with the exception of Howard. They are all forced to live together in off-campus housing because they turned in their applications late.

Fresh Meat is a pretty standard university-set coming of age story, with a lot more humor thrown in.  It tackles many of the issues you might expect, including financial issues, dating drama, partying, internship woes, and the general terror of trying to figure out what your degree really means in the real world. There’s a fair amount of juvenile humor and silliness, but the main characters and their relationships are interesting. And Fresh Meat speaks to a lot of the universal worries from this time in your life. Particularly when it comes to who you are and whether you’ll ever be as successful as you once thought you could be. What if your time at university really is as good as life will get?

The series stars Charlotte Ritchie, Zawe Ashton, Greg McHugh, Kimberley Nixon, Joe Thomas and Jack Whitehall, along with a rotating cast of semi-regulars.

Number of Seasons: 4

Where to Watch: Hulu or Netflix