47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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34. Andrea’s Death

Andrea had a good run on this show. She started out at the very beginning. After losing Amy and Dale, her character developed into a ruthless woman, until she met the governor. And her guard came down.

During Season 3, she had separated from Rick’s group, and met Michonne. Her and Michonne form a close bond and they eventually find their way to the town of Woodbury. She starts a relationship with the leader of Woodbury, the Governor, who’s a dark and twisted man.

When the Governor realizes that Andrea is going against his orders, he binds her, and locks her in a room with one of his men. He stabs him, leaving him to bleed out, eventually turn, and then attack Andrea. Before he turns, he tells Andrea that there is a pair of pliers behind her. She throws him off her, but he bites her neck in the process. Rick and Michonne find her after she’s bitten. Michonne stays with her as Andrea shoots herself.

A lot of people sacrifice themselves in this show if they’ve been bitten, throwing themselves at zombies to save someone else. But this was different and more emotional, as Andrea accepted her fate and took her own life.