47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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33. Michonne vs. Governor

Was anyone happier than I was when Michonne killed the Governor? Rhetorical question. No. Nobody was happier than I was.

The Governor was quite the character. He was cunning, savage, cruel, and smart. But he was a man of no morals and although those men create massive amounts of loss in this television show, those men need to be taken care of eventually. He was a self-centered sociopath who hid dark secrets from his community. His time to go was long overdue when it finally happened.

After everything that the Governor had put these people through. After torturing Andrea. After killing innocent people. After lying to Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson) and Tara (Alanna Masterson). After beheading Herschel. He had this coming.

What was most shocking about this death is how long it took for it to actually happen. I thought, for sure, he’d be a goner once his community was put out. Even if he wasn’t, I thought he’d realize the mistakes he’s made and try to survive on his own. I thought wrong. His only goal was to get back at Rick and Michonne, so that’s what he set off to do.