47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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35. Maggie’s Pregnancy

Did Maggie learn nothing from Lori? Maggie was there through the entire emergency C-section in the prison. Hell, she did the emergency C-section in the prison. She then, watched Carl have to shoot his mother because she died during the emergency C-section in the prison. Yet, she still finds time to get knocked up, mid-apocalypse.

The reveal of this was something nobody was expecting. It also came at a time where we all thought Glenn was dead, making it even more emotional and shocking. Her and Aaron (Ross Marquand) found themselves trapped in a tunnel, running from Alexandria. He suggests they make a run for it, but Maggie admits that “it’s over,” and that she has baby on the way. They finally make it back to Alexandria. Aaron and Maggie develop a strong bond in the process, and the two hope Nicholas (Michael Traynor) and Glenn make it home.

We’re not sure of the fate of Maggie or her baby right now. In the last episode of Season 6, she was seen in pain and distress, being raced to a nearby doctor in a different group. Not to mention, she was lined up along with the others playing eenie meenie miney mo with Negan in the season finale.