16 Best Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs (So Far)

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Screengrab courtesy of The CW: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, episode ‘Josh’s Sister is Getting Married!’

#2: ‘Heavy Boobs’

An anthem for big-chested women everywhere, this song is hilarious from beginning to end, and features the exact kind of wacky charm that makes Rachel Bloom, and Rebecca Bunch by extension, so irresistible. Not only does it highlight the oft-overlooked complaints of possessing said heavy boobs (“I can’t run real far!”), it also pokes fun at our cultural obsession with women’s…equipment. The chest’s answer to Amy Schumer’s “Milk, Milk, Lemonade a song poking fun at men adoring women’s asses even though it’s “where our poop comes out,” “Heavy Boobs” makes some incredible points of its own.

Lyric highlight:

“What you gotta know is that boobs may be where it’s at. But if you cut them open, they’re just sacks of yellow fat.”

It’s a rare song that hardly adds to the plot, but it’s catchy as hell, and reminds us that Rebecca is as painfully self-aware and analytical as we are. And who can resist a good female-helmed song about boobs? Certainly not this girl!