30 DIY Halloween Costumes For Empowered Ladies

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Hannah (Lena Dunham) in Girls, Screencap via HBO

Hannah Horvath – Girls

Why She’s Awesome: I happen to love Girls, but even if you don’t, you can’t deny that Lena Dunham has truly changed the game for women in television. Her character Hannah is selfish and insecure. She is sometimes mean, and sometimes she hurts her friends. But that’s the point – women don’t have to look and act ‘perfect’ by society’s standards to be worthy of their own stories. Hannah is also a talented writer, a dedicated daughter, and a caring friend when things come down to it. Lena Dunham and Hannah Horvath broke stereotypes and expectations just by existing and doing what they want to do.

What You’ll Need: Hannah has had numerous quintessential looks over the years; you’d be just as Hannah in sweatpants as you would be in a yellow mesh crop-top. But when Hannah really dresses up, she tends to gravitate towards bright colors and bold patterns, with retro-looking silhouettes. If you don’t already own something like this, browse around Modcloth.com and find something that will work for both Halloween and life. Include some bold costume jewelry and fancy shoes. And for full effect, have a friend approximate Lena Dunham’s intricate tattoos on your back and arms!

Next Level Move: Naked Hannah! Hannah has pretty much no qualms about taking her clothes off, and seeing a non-thin body on TV in this way has been truly revolutionary. What better way to honor her legendary nudity than to include it in your costume? Under your dress, cover up with a tank top and Spanx that match your skin color. When your Halloween party turns up to eleven, head to the bathroom and switch to Hannah in her true state!