30 DIY Halloween Costumes For Empowered Ladies

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Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman

Why She’s Awesome: Do you really have to ask? In a world that is totally saturated with male-dominated superhero culture, Wonder Woman is a beacon of light for girls and women everywhere. She was made in the image of Amazonian warriors, blessed with her powers by the goddesses of Mount Olympus, and modeled after famous early feminists, like Margaret Sanger. If that’s not a feminist pedigree, I don’t know what is!

Wonder Woman has the strength of any male hero, but is infinitely more level-headed. Notably, she always “favors the pen,” preferring to solve problems with diplomacy and peace when possible. That’s the kind of superhero we could all use more of. Thankfully, the Wonder Woman movie will finally, finally be in theaters next summer!

What You’ll Need: To simulate Wonder Woman’s red, gold, and blue getup, you’ll want to start with blue shorts or skirt and a red top. Here comes the adhesive felt again – use it to easily make the white stars for the bottoms, her gold wrist cuffs, and the embellishments on her bodice. The star tiara is very important as an identifier, and can be recreated with almost anything; felt, pipe cleaners, even construction paper, if that’s what you have! If you own red boots, you’ll definitely want to employ them here; if not, red flats would work just fine.

Next Level Move: Light-up Lasso of Truth! Wonder Woman’s most iconic weapon is made from the hearth fires of the goddess Hestia, so a lasso that actually lights up would become the unique centerpiece of your costume! Glow-in-the-dark rope is easily available on Amazon, or you could even opt for a battery-powered light rope to really spice it up!