30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Asylum: The Playground Scene Reveal

One of the major storylines in Asylum was the twisted Dr. Arthur Arden of Briarcliff Manor and his manipulations on his patients. He’s even brought back in later seasons to tie into characters and their ailments.

Even with a storyline dabbling in aliens, nazis, and a million other crazy things at once, the most terrifying moment came when his patient Shelley escaped and terrorized small children in a playground.

Chloe Sevigny was almost completely unrecognizable as she crawled her way up the stairs, limbs almost flipping over each other in her way of escaping. We learn more about her as the season goes on (and had learned some about her beforehand) but there was nothing more traumatizing than watching as she groaned her way to fake freedom.

Shelley was sex addicted and came onto Arthur and other patients during her time at Briarcliff. They tried to find ways to ‘cure’ her but nothing seemed to really work. Because, in reality, she wasn’t a sex addict more just sexual promiscuous in a time when no one was. So, she ended up in the care of Arthur Arden and, more importantly, she ended up as this deformed being climbing its way up the stairs trying to escape with their life.

And never can we close our eyes and not be terrified of her emerging ever again.