30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Asylum: I’m The Devil

Let us preface the Asylum section of this list by saying that we are well aware of how confusing and seemingly terrible Asylum was. However, it had some of the best moments of all time in American Horror Story and we’d be remiss to leave them out.

With Sister Mary Eunice, she was heartbreaking until she became absolutely terrifying. The best line in history came from her as she’s chopping food in the kitchen. A small girl is talking to her and Sister Mary Eunice simply says “I know everything. I’m the Devil”.

It opened up a door to an insanely scary storyline about the possessed nun portrayed by Lily Rabe but it was that moment that sent chills down our spines and stuck with us long after we forgot Asylum was a thing.

Though the entire show had about four too many storylines going on at once, possessed Sister Mary Eunice and her quest for evil was definitely one of the best parts of the season as a whole. Plus, Lily did an amazing job of making her incredibly terrifying as well as seemingly innocent when she needed to be.

And, just remember, Sister Mary Eunice knows everything. After all, she is the Devil.