30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Murder House: Birth Scene and Vivien’s Death

In the end of the season, Vivien Harmon gives birth to the anti-Christ demon child and they let a ghost doctor deliver the baby. (Honestly when you explain this show out of context, it sounds absolutely bonkers but it’s a really good show. I wouldn’t lie to you)

The scene is extremely creepy and bizarre and it a great way to round up what is definitely the strangest and most exciting first season to a television show.

Obviously Vivien dies after birthing a demon because there were only ghosts there to deliver it, so she ends up bound to the house. Much like Hotel and Roanoke, once you die there, you’re there forever. Ryan Murphy has a trend and he’s definitely sticking to it.

But Violet and Vivien end up bound to their home and Ben ends up being hung from a chandelier from his ex-lover (and ex-student). That entire first season was an amazing one to lay ground for what is now to be expected with American Horror Story.

Though these five moments are iconic and twisted and absolutely terrifying, the whole season was filled with shocking twists that no one saw coming. And Murphy and company has continued to give us just as amazing work throughout the rest of the series.