30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Asylum: Lana’s Final Escape And Car Crash

Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) has one of the wildest storylines in Asylum. A lesbian reporter who’s girlfriend is murdered by Bloody Face, Lana finds herself at Briarcliff Manor because they’re trying do immersive therapy to make her straight.

Much like everything Ryan Murphy does, it pushes so many boundaries but makes you truly think about how people thought that was a thing that could work back in the day. But with Lana, all it does it keep her trapped in Briarcliff.

Eventually, she ends up being kidnapped by Dr. Oliver Thredson and when she finally escapes, she’s met with Ethan from Lost. And must like his Lost character, all he does is ruin everything.

Lana runs away and when she does, Ethan is there in a car and instantly starts complaining about women. He asks Lana what she did to the man she’s running from and he begins to explain that his wife cheated on him. He then decides to shoot himself while driving just to make Lana’s life a little more terrible and makes the car crash.

Lana couldn’t get a break but this sudden shooting shocked us and it made Lana end up back at Briarcliff Manor against her will.