30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Hotel: The Scariest Mattress Ghost Thing Ever

The very first episode of Hotel sets up a lot of how the ghosts remain in the Hotel Cortez after their deaths. Much like Murder House, if you get killed there, you stay there. It is even a point of contention for Donovan (played by Matt Bomer) for he begs his mother Iris to take up out of the hotel so he can die and leave it forever.

But one of the scariest and most shocking ghost creature men things (It’s Max Greenfield stuffed in a mattress, it’s hard to explain) comes in in the very first moments of ‘Checking In’.

Two girls are visiting and stay in the Hotel Cortez. They’re already freaked out by their room and then discover that, inside their mattress, there is a human being stuffed there.

Later, the story shows Sally (Sarah Paulson) and her weird companion raping Max Greenfield’s character with a metal dildo (honestly, this season is great but out of context sounds bonkers) and she stuffs him into the mattress.

It is so iconic of Hotel (and so terrifying) that the Mattress Man even made it into the title sequence. And honestly, who isn’t afraid of someone being stuffed into their mattress at a hotel?