30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Hotel: Devil’s Night

For those of us who love learning about the inner workings of a serial killer, the Hotel episode about Devil’s Night was one of the best of the entire season. James March (Evan Peters) is a fictional serial killer who built the Hotel Cortez as something of a murder dungeon.

He then has something called Devil’s Night (the night before Halloween) where the ghosts of famed serial killers can come to the hotel and kill. Those serial killers include Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Aileen Wuornos.

It was the best use of the Hotel format, letting these dead serial killers come back for a night to kill again. And, it was cool to see how to make some of these killers work in a modern day society.

Lily Rabe as Aileen Wornos was other worldly. She was brilliant as the woman who killed seven men at point blank range in Florida. Honestly, she even gave Oscar Winner Charlize Theron a run for her money.

‘Devil’s Night’ was hands down the best episode of the season and gave us some amazing portrayals of famed killers as well as one of the cooler concepts Ryan Murphy has ever produced.