30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Hotel: Darren Criss Hipster Death Scene

Well, his death really wasn’t that shocking but more so how terrible of a person his character was. Darren Criss comes to cameo on Hotel in the fifth episode of the season entitled ‘Room Service’. And boy, is he an annoying piece of garbage.

His character is a hipster who comes to the Hotel Cortez because Will Drake bought it and is fixing it up. Instead of appreciating it and enjoying what the hotel has to offer, he complains about everything. They’re also the worst kind of hipster trash that could ever possibly exist in the world.

So, he asked for a Pâté (something this hotel clearly does not have) and they end up eating cat food made to look like it. Well, that is until Iris (Kathy Bates) murders them both with a wine bottle opener.

The entire situation is very fitting for how Hotel felt as a whole. It was very jumpy murders and cheesy jokes and it made Hotel the second best season after Murder House to many.

That and Lady Gaga’s performance as the Countess was literally to die for. No, really, people died for the Countess. She was a vampire from times of old after all.