30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Coven: Madison Montgomery’s Frat House Rape

Madison Montgomery came to us as an abrasive character that many thought they were going to hate. She fought everyone and she wanted to be in charge from the beginning. But no one wanted what happened to her and no one expected it either.

In the first episode, Madison and Zoe go to a frat party where Zoe meets Kyle and they seem to hit it off. What she doesn’t know is that Madison is drugged and raped by a group of frat boys. It’s terrible and graphic and makes the viewer see how horrific these sexual crimes are.

It’s extremely important in today’s world especially because we still victim blame rather than see the problem. But Madison gets a little retribution in the end because when the boys try and escape, she flips over the bus driving them off and kills all but one.

Kyle, Zoe’s crush, was caught in the crossfire since he stopped the rape and then was forced onto the bus with his frat brothers and is killed for the time being (see a later slide for what happened to him). But in all, the first most shocking moment of Coven is the character arc of Madison Montgomery in that first episode.