30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Coven: The Creation of the Kyle Monster

Kyle, played by Evan Peters, is a super strange half-witted attempt at giving us another Violet and Tate storyline. This time though, he’s a zombie instead of a ghost. The most disturbing and weird thing about the creation of Kyle is that he ends up in a weird three way relationship between Zoe and Madison.

He seems to be a decent guy in the first episode, talking to Zoe at a party and flirting with her. Kyle is the one that stops Madison from continually being raped and then he’s forced on the bus that kills him and his frat brothers.

The girls find all the pieces of Kyle’s body and do a spell to bring him back but it leads to disturbing discovery of his relationship with his mother and more. Kyle was the weirdest attempt at recreating that love that Violet and Tate had in season 1 and Ryan Murphy tried to throw in an incestuous spin on it but it just made it even more creepy.

The monster known as Kyle was a sad addition to Coven because he didn’t really have a purpose other than something the girls had to create and could ‘love’ despite his lack of humanity.