30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Asylum: The Sister Jude Shock Therapy

Sister Jude ruined Lana’s life while she was in the asylum. She was not a favorite and she was evil, but she didn’t deserve what ended up happening to her. Jude, played by Jessica Lange, was an alcoholic nun who came to the asylum after drunkenly killing someone.

While her storyline is sad and dark, it is her terrible run in with possessed Sister Mary Eunice that leads to her electroshock therapy. They diagnose her with being a manic depressive (obviously not the case) and it ends up with Mary Eunice frying Jude’s brain by turning up the machine past the recommended dosage.

For the first few seasons, Jessica Lange’s roles in American Horror Story were absolutely brilliant. Constance and Sister Jude were amazing and strong and layered female characters and while their actions were horrific, they at least were not one dimensional women.

So, despite how terrible she was, this comes in as a shocking moment because no one wanted Jude to become nothing in the end. She ended up being the reason that Lana gets to escape from Briarcliff for good but it came too late and Lana couldn’t repay Jude and she had to sadly live out here days there.