25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2016

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Lady Gaga, Joanne, October 21st

The first album from an artist who nearly quit music better be a good one. Lady Gaga knows that, which is why it seems as though she’s put her entire heart and soul into Joanne. It’s her first album since her 2014 Artpop, which was… meh.

Stefani’s gone through quite a bit in the last year or so. An engagement with longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney, then a breakup. “Perfect Illusion”, the first single from the album, may not be a direct reflection of her feelings surrounding her love life drama, but it might as well be. And it’s catchy af.

It’s good.

"I don’t need eyes to see I felt you touchin’ me High like amphetamine Maybe you’re just a dream That’s what it means to crush Now that I’m wakin’ up I still feel the blow But at least now I know It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love It was a perfect illusion (perfect illusion) Mistaken for love, it wasn’t love It was a perfect illusion (perfect illusion) -“Perfect Illusion”"

Lady Gaga spoke a little about the motivation and inspiration behind Joanne during a radio interview. This was an extremely personal and healing experience for her. And the title of the album? Her middle name, which she shares with her late aunt, who died of Lupus when she was 19.

2017 is going to be Gaga’s year. A new album to kick off the year, likely a huge world tour to go along with it, and headlining the Superbowl. Slay, girl.