Taylor Swift’s Instagram Worthy Summer


Can Taylor Swift’s summer get any better?! Let’s all take a step back and recognize what can only qualify as The Summer of Swift.

I can’t possibly be the only one who is envious of what seems like the best summer of her life. Between kicking off the 1989 World Tour, two new music videos and bonding with Kanye West (what?),

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I can’t help but be amazed at what she’s accomplished these last few months. By taking just one look at her Instagram, you can see just how exciting these last few months have been.

Let’s take a look at what made this summer, her best one yet, through Taylor’s Instagram feed.

Special Guests

The surprises that everyone has been talking about; the 1989 World Tour special guests. We can’t get over just how many amazing artists have joined Taylor Swift on stage this year; Imagine Dragons, Rachel Platten, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Haim, World Cup Champions U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team, and the list goes on! She sure knows how to throw a party.

Calvin Harris

Though we know all about Taylor’s exes, there’s something different about this one. I absolutely loved hearing Taylor tell the world about how she was embracing her independence in this interview with Wonderland Magazine in November of last year, so it’s great to see that she has found someone who doesn’t step on that. I am so happy for the power couple! She seems to be quite happy herself, sharing (for the first time with any of her boyfriend!) photos of the pair on Instagram! Keep ’em coming Tay, keep ’em coming.

The Parties

Can anybody throw a party quite like Taylor Swift? No. No one can. From her annual Fourth of July parties, her beach bash, birthday parties, and baby showers, no one does it quite like Taylor does. I would say more about this, but honestly, I’m just gonna go call my friends and see if they can all come over with their inflatable swans.

Leo Thames Newman

This summer, Jamie King gave birth to her second child, Leo Thames, and named Taylor Swift the godmother. I’m not sure who is the luckier one; Leo for having the most caring person as his godmother, or Taylor for having the honor of calling this sweet boy her godson! Either way, we wish the best to the beautiful family!

Wildest Dreams

Okay, this music video actually is a dream. This may actually be my favorite music video that Taylor has ever released. I have watched this way too many times, and each time, it feels as though I’m watching a movie. Though surrounded with controversy, the video has been watched nearly 59 million times on YouTube! Yet again, another excellent Taylor Swift video.

Emmy Award

Taylor Swift – Emmy Award Winner..?


You heard that right! Though this Emmy was awarded for something that she did in 2014, I couldn’t help but list it here because what a big accomplishment! Taylor won the Emmy for Original Interactive Program for her app AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience this September, and she was shocked! The app allows fans to explore the set of her Blank Space music video, and as a user, I can say that it is quite impressive!

With the Summer of Swift now over, tell us, what was your favorite part? Tell us in the comments!