Taylor Swift’s Top 10 Songs of All-Time

Photo - Taylor Swift/"22"
Photo - Taylor Swift/"22" /

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has never failed to  release a hit. Whether it’s a tear-jerker, a breakup tune, love song, or a motivational beat, we can’t get enough of them! So selecting only 10 songs was no easy task, but we gave it our best shot!

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In the next ten slides, we break down Taylor Swift’s top 10 songs of all-time. There’s a mixture of everything, from old favorites like “Teardrops on My Guitar” to new hits like “Shake it Off.”

Did we miss any? Which do you think should have made the top 10? Keep in mind that we love all of Taylor Swift’s songs, but only ten could make the cut! So seat back, relax, and sing along – we’ve provided the music video to each song.

Next: #10 Begin Again

#10 Begin Again 

OK. I know I’m not the only one that gets chills every time we hear this song? Her voice, the lyrics, it’s such a cute song! Taylor Swift has that thing about her that no matter what she sings about, we can instantly relate. Like, we don’t have to be going through a breakup or be falling in love at the moment to feel the lyrics.

Next: #9 All Too Well

#9 All Too Well 

Just like “Begin Again,” this song just sends chills down out spine. We’re just suckers for a good love song! Actually, this is more of a breakup song and it’s kind of sad – but we love it anyway!

Next: #8 Mean

#8 Mean 

Fun fact: Did you know this song has over 110 million views on YouTube? I mean, all of Taylor Swift’s song have massive views, but for being an oldie (or at least from 2011) these numbers are pretty good!

The video is a lot of fun, too. Gotta love that about Taylor’s music videos, she always does the best she can in making them super entertaining.

Next: #7 You Belong With Me

#7 You Belong With Me

This song started hundreds and hundreds of parodies and covers. You couldn’t turn on the TV or radio and not hear Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” An adorable song with an adorable music video to go along with it.

Next: #6 Fearless

#6 Fearless 

“Fearless” comes from Taylor Swift’s second studio album, look how far she has come! This song debuted at number one in the United States, become a huge success and launching her career.

Next: #5 Blank Space

#5 Blank Space 

“Nice to. Meet you. Where you. Been.” You sing along to “Blank Space” like that too, right? What I love the most about this song is the tune, it’s just so catchy that you can’t help but turn the volume up and sing along. I love it because instead of listening to the haters, Taylor Swift laughs at herself by acting dramatic and as the media portrays her.

Next: #4 Everything Has Changed

#4 Everything Has Changed 

This song is a personal favorite. I love that it features Ed Sheeran, it truly completes the song. “Everything Has Changed” is the love song of all love songs!

Next: #3 Shake It Off

#3 Shake It Off 

“Shake It Off” is actually not one of my favorites, but it became so instantly popular among other Swifties that I had to include it. It’s the song that introduced Taylor’s new genre of pop and her 1989 album. We loved her new sound and look forward to what’s in store.

Next: #2 Love Story

#2 Love Story 

OK, maybe I spoke too soon when I said that “Everything Has Changed” is the love song of all love songs, it is definitely “Love Story.”

Next: #1 22

#1 22 

Even if we’re not 22, we can jam out to this song and feel like we’re 22-years-old, right? I sure do! As much as all Swifties love to cry along to breakup/love songs, we always go to “22” for our feel-good tune. And if you were impressed by the 110+ million views that “Mean” has, “22” has over 467 million!

Ugh, there are so many more songs I wish I could mention. But as I said, only 10 could make the cut. Which one’s would you switch out?

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