Will Taylor Swift release Reputation in the summer of 2024?

With no Reputation TV announcement yet, is it a possible summer release?

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour - Tokyo
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Taylor Swift is full of surprises. Right when we think we're getting Reputation (Taylor's Version,) she decides to announce a completely new album.

Honestly, I felt like a clown this entire week because I was hoping for a Reputation TV announcement during the Grammys. Regardless, this is even better as we're always looking forward to new music from Taylor Swift.

Since it's unlikely we'll get Reputation TV anytime soon, it does bring up an important question and that's when or if we'll even end up getting Rep TV in 2024. Thankfully, I think there's a pretty solid answer for that, or in my Swiftie mind, there is.

Whether you originally loved Reputation upon its original release or not, there is no way you aren't excited to see all of the amazing vault tracks.

Could Taylor Swift release Reputation TV this summer?

Raise your hand if you were clowned by Taylor Swift. I don't know about you, but it felt like she was dropping some pretty big hints. Regardless, she never ceases to amaze all of us but no doubt a lot of us were looking forward to Reputation (Taylor's Version.)

Due to the timing of her next release, it feels like summer is the ideal time for Taylor to release Reputation TV. Not only will it give her time to promote her new album, but hopefully it'll be enough time to give her a break. As much as I love her, she has been incredibly busy and she needs some time to relax as she did before the original release of Reputation.

Looking back, Reputation was originally released in November, but as much as I'd love to see it re-release then, I don't think Taylor will wait that long. She's trying to make sure she owns her entire catalog as soon as possible. Considering how talented she is, she's also scheduling them in between her normal releases.

Even so, Reputation is an album a lot of fans have been eagerly awaiting so no doubt she's going to make it extra special for us. Ultimately, I do feel like Taylor is going to plan a summer release for Reputation TV unless she decides to release debut next. See, this is where things start to get messy because that announcement is throwing off the timeline.

Let me just end by saying that I hope Taylor Swift decides to release Reputation TV this summer as a birthday present to me. While it's unclear what she'll do, I'm sure she already has a plan in place and did everything she could to throw us off her scent. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up getting some info about Rep TV sooner rather than later.

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