A new survey from NASM proves the continued impact of Taylor Swift

In a recent survey, Taylor Swift was named as top gym buddy and it's no surprise.
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Sao Paulo, Brazil / Buda Mendes/TAS23/GettyImages

Going to the gym is one resolution a lot of people tend to make at the start of a new year. However, it doesn't always stick which makes sense.

Thankfully, the National Academy of Sports Medicine decided to take it even further. In a recent survey conducted by the company, people were asked which celebrity they'd want as a gym buddy and Taylor Swift was the celebrity who came out on top.

As shared via the data: "Gen Z wants to workout with Taylor swift (22%,") which is honestly not surprising in the slightest. I mean Taylor Swift is truly an icon and given how vocal she's been about her workout plan for the Eras Tour, this is one thing I can get behind.

Even though I'm not Gen Z, I'd most definitely want to have Taylor Swift as a workout buddy because she's just someone who would make you feel good and bump up your confidence. There is something about that and her music that makes you feel bejeweled.

Want Taylor Swift as a workout buddy? Try this gym playlist!

Sadly, most of us won't have the chance to work out with Taylor Swift, and as disappointing as that is, we're still able to enjoy her music. As a Swiftie myself, I consider it my duty to share some amazing Taylor Swift songs to listen to while you're getting sweaty and trying to feel the burn as much as Taylor does while performing for all of us so let's get into it.

1. "Should've Said No"

Since we're talking about Taylor Swift and I mentioned the Eras Tour, I figured why not feature a 10-song playlist featuring a song from every Taylor Swift era? Starting with debut, I had a few ideas but the one I went with was "Should've Said No." I don't know about you, but this song always get me motivated and makes me want to get out there and do something.

Maybe it's due to Taylor's vocals or the delivery of the lines, but I just love this song. Plus it's a song I've loved for over a decade now so it's always nice to have a throwback song on there.

2. "Mr. Perfectly Fine"

Moving onto the next Era, I had to pick a Fearless Vault Track and my favorite is easily "Mr. Perfectly Fine." Once again, I don't know if it's the delivery or just how Taylor sounds but this song just makes me want to dance and move. She's basically telling Joe Jonas about himself and that's something I can get behind as a Jonas Brothers fan.

I think this could also be a great one to pop in and listen to while you're doing a little hot girl walk if it's warm where you are. There's just something so fun about it so why not throw it on the gym playlist?

3. "Haunted"

This one was tough as there are so many great songs on "Speak Now" especially for working out but "Haunted" was the one I chose. I feel like this song doesn't get nearly as much love and it sounds so beautiful and fast-paced, making it a great one for the gym. You'll be feeling like you're ready to take on the world or at least, think about punching the one who got away for getting away.

Maybe it's just me but I feel like this would be a great song to listen to while you're punching or kicking something.

4. "22"

Next up on the list is one from Red (Taylor's Version) and this time, I wanted to move away from the slightly angsty songs. This is for those who want something upbeat and fun to work out to and "22" fits the bill. Once again, maybe it's just me but this song just seems like the ultimate feel-good song and one to help keep your energy up.

5. "Bad Blood"

Moving onto 1989 (Taylor's Version,) this album has plenty of good songs to help get your blood pumping and make you feel like you're on top of the world. Of course, I feel like the best gym songs are ones focused on getting some kind of revenge. That's where "Bad Blood" comes in because I LOVE this song and I think it's the best song to get you excited and hyped up to tackle the gym in 2024.

6. "End Game" featuring Ed Sheeran and Future

Finally, we're over halfway done and we're talking Reputation. Sadly, we don't have a Taylor's Version of this album yet. Hopefully, we'll get a new version in 2024. Until then, the song I went with was "End Game" featuring Ed Sheeran and Future. I don't know about you, but the addition of Ed Sheeran and Future feels so fun and fresh compared to what Taylor had done before.

Overall, I feel like Reputation is a good workout album on its own but there is just something so fun about the beat and lyrics of this song. It just makes me want to get my blood pumping and sweat a little bit.

7. "The Man"

I feel like I don't even need to explain this one because Lover is known for having so many soft and sweet songs yet "The Man" is the perfect workout song. Whether you're thinking about a man who slighted you, want to get revenge on your ex, or just want to feel like a girl boss, this song has you.

8. "The 1"

Next up is Folklore which honestly doesn't have as many big and loud workout songs. That's why I chose to go with "The 1" because it's one of my favorite songs from the album. It also feels like a great one to use while stretching, going for a light walk on the treadmill, or just doing something less intensive. It's all about balance when it comes to working out and finding the perfect Taylor Swift playlist.

9. "Champagne Problems"

We're almost to the end, my friends and from Evermore, I decided to go with "Champagne Problems," which wasn't the obvious choice. This song is surprisingly heartbreaking and somewhat sad but I think it works well for those wanting a more melancholic vibe at the gym. Sometimes, you want to feel a little sad and angsty. As we, Taylor Swift fans, know, there's nothing wrong with that.

10 "Midnight Rain"

I mean, do I even have to explain this one? Midnights has so many amazing songs and "Midnight Rain" is the one I would most want to work out to. Maybe I'm just biased but I had to include it on my list but that's a Taylor Swift gym playlist for all of my fellow Swifties in 2024.

Would you want to be workout buddies with Taylor Swift and which Taylor songs are on your playlist? Share with us in the comments!

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