What were the best books published by Sourcebooks in 2023?

Sourcebooks published a plethora of amazing titles in 2023 and we're looking back at some of the publisher's best.
Mercy by Sara Cate. Image Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca.
Mercy by Sara Cate. Image Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca. /

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to look back on some of the books we’ve read and take stock of our favorites including those published by Sourcebooks.

While you might not realize it, Sourcebooks is made up of many imprints. If you’re a romance reader, you’re likely familiar with Sourcebooks Casablanca. If you’re not, you might have read a title from Sourcebooks Landmark or Sourcebooks Fire.

No matter what genre you enjoy, this publishing house has a bit of something for everyone so in honor of that, I wanted to share some of my favorites. I’m going to be including books from most of the imprints so you’ll be seeing a mixed bag of titles.

Regardless if you’re looking for romance books, want something with some grit, or enjoy a good mystery, these are some of the best books published by Sourcebooks in 2023.

These were some of the best books published by Sourcebooks in 2023.

Let’s be honest: Most of my picks are from Sourcebooks Casablanca so let’s start with the ones that aren’t. The first is Don’t Forget the Girl by Rebecca McKanna. This is a true-crime story following two best friends who come back together to find out the truth about their murdered friend as her killer is set to be executed. This is a harrowing story of friendship, love, and the downside of the world’s true crime obsession.

Another non-romance title was Delicate Condition. This was a new take on Rosemary’s Baby and it’s a horror following an actress who wants desperately to be pregnant. This ended up being the basis for an American Horror Story season. Ultimately this book surprised me with its commentary and revamping of a classic story.

Next for non-romance reads, I have to talk about Midnight is the Darkest Hour by Ashley Winstead. I adore Ashley Winstead and her books as I read them all this year. This one felt like a love letter to friendship, Twilight, and bucking of traditional values. Honestly, if you haven’t picked this one up yet, you’re doing yourself and your Twilight-loving heart a disserve.

Last but not least for non-romance reads, I LOVED The Coworker by Freida McFadden. I can see why her books are so popular as I couldn’t put this down. We’re following Dawn who goes missing and we’re slowly learning the truth of why and how her coworker Natalie might be behind it. Those were easily some of the standouts for me when it came to Sourcebooks releases that weren’t from Casablanca.

Moving onto the Casablanca reads, I had to include 10 Things That Never Happened by Alexis Hall which is a fun Christmas rom-com that I’ve discussed before. It’s a fun grumpy x sunshine m/m romance that will have you kicking your feet and giggling.

A republication by the imprint was Mercy by Sara Cate. This book surprised me not only with how much I liked it but the kinks that were used. This is Beau and Maggie’s story which couldn’t have been an easy one to write. However, it worked so well and ended up being my favorite book of the series thus far.

An underrated Casablanca release was The Time of Your Life by Sandra Kitt. This feels like the most grown-up romance on the list as it follows Eden and Beck who meet under some sad circumstances but end up connected uniquely. These two truly fell for each other so slowly and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their romance.

Finishing off the list is none other than Katee Robert with her two Dark Olympus releases from this year. This is easily one of my favorite romance series and is one I’ve kept up with which doesn’t always happen. Radiant Sin was Apollo and Cassandra’s romance while Cruel Seduction was a foursome between Aphrodite, Pandora, Hephaestus, and Adonis.

The Dark Olympus series will continue to be passionate, steamy, and full of political intrigue that I can’t get enough of. This has truly cemented Katee Robert as one of my favorite authors and this series keeps getting better and better.

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