What's new this June 2024 for PlayStation Plus members

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Sony Cutting 900 Jobs In Its PlayStation Unit / Justin Sullivan/GettyImages

PlayStation Plus members have three new games for the month of June, on top of plenty of offerings that Sony and PlayStation are doing for their annual Days of Play celebration.

Without further ado, here are the June offerings for PlayStation Plus subscribers:

  • SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake
  • AEW Fight Forever
  • Streets of Rage 4

First up this month is SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, which was released just last year. You get to traverse the SpongeBob multiverse in hopes of saving Bikini Bottom. It feels very much like an old-school platformer you'd play on the N64 or the PlayStation 2 and caps out at about ten hours to complete everything in-game. So if you're in the market for a modern version of an old platformer, this one is perfect for you.

Next up is AEW Fight Forever, which if you're a fan of the WWE games... this one will look and feel familiar. This fighting game focuses on arcade matches and honestly, it has a lot of great ideas, but doesn't fully finalize them in any way, so it feels a little lacking. You have 52 different playable characters and a vaguely underwhelming single-player campaign, but it's nice to see a game trying to compete with the WWE games.

Last this month is Streets of Rage 4, an arcade beat-'em-up that'll take you back to the old-school days of playing them on an actual arcade machine in the 1980s, just in the comfort of your own home. And with better graphics.

There's a bunch of extra stuff this month as well, with all tiers of PlayStation Plus members getting access to a Roblox Pack that includes an avatar for Felix Freezebeard the Yeti starting June 3rd.

Premium tier members will also get access to plenty of PSVR 2 and PS2 emulated games. There will also be a longer update of just what is coming to the Games catalog as well.

And in case you forgot, May's free offering of EA Sports FC 24 is available to download for free through June 18th, so if you're interested and haven't downloaded it yet, don't miss out!

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June's PlayStation Plus games will be available to download starting Tuesday, June 4.