Unpacking the Sarah J. Maas craze as fans anxiously await the next book in her 'ACOTAR' series

Like Taylor Swift's music domination, Sarah J. Maas has overtaken the book world. Her fantasy series have captivated readers internationally and fans can't wait to get their hands on the next one.
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Sarah J. Maas (SJM) is a #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy author known for her Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Crescent City series. She has sold 38 million copies and has become a sensation in the BookTok community.

At only 16 years old, Maas began a writing career with her first series, Throne of Glass. She is famous for her love of fantasy and ability to create worlds that transport readers. Her books feature strong, courageous female leads, with an addition of spicy romance and epic battles.

Maas' books have grown in popularity due to her meticulous planning and attention to detail, which she also has in common with Ms. Swift. She includes crossover moments and Easter eggs that keep fans invested and theorizing with one another.

Maas is known for her parallels between worlds. She has created her own 'Maas-Verse', much like the Marvel multiverse and Spider-Man phenomenon. The apparent time and thought she puts into mapping out her series make them all the better. Her added details and connections are why these books are so beloved.

A recap of Sarah J. Maas' books to date

Throne of Glass Series

Throne of Glass Cover via Marie Coolman Bloomsbury
Throne of Glass - Credit: Bloomsbury Publishing /

The first installment of Maas' collection began with Throne of Glass when she was just a teenager. As the introduction to SJM's fantasy universe, this series includes 8 books. Although many fans discovered SJM through the 'ACOTAR' series, Throne of Glass is where the 'Maas-verse' originated.

This series follows a powerful woman desiring to revive her kingdom to its former glory and bring the world of Erilea back together. Maas beautifully blends world-building, traumatic twists, and romance into this series. It will fill and shatter your heart at the same time.

This series is the only 'complete' one in her catalog (as far as we know). However, fans continuously speculate that Maas has more up her sleeve and will incorporate Throne of Glass ties into one of her current series.

There is debate over the reading order of these books. As The Assassin's Blade is a prequel to the series, some like to read this book first. Here is the written order, of how many people prefer to read them.

1. Throne of Glass

2. Crown of Midnight

3. The Assassin's Blade

4. Heir of Fire

5. Queen of Shadows

6. Empire of Storms

7. Tower of Dawn

8. Kingdom of Ash

A Court of Thorns and Roses 'ACOTAR' Series

ACOTAR paperback
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Image courtesy Bloomsbury Publishing /

'ACOTAR' may be the most widely known series of Maas' collection. Although it was not the first, it has exploded online with readers posting videos, creating fan art, and sharing theories.

This series takes place in a new world of Maas'. It follows the adventures of Feyre, a young human girl who finds herself swept up in the world of magic and madness. This series has captivated the world with its empowering stories, sexy scenes, and consuming characters.

Maas does not disappoint in her second series. She is a mastermind with her story-telling and artistry in creating the perfect "book boyfriend". This series is definitively worth the hype and will have you reading it over and over.

SJM is currently working on the next installment of A Court of Thorns and Roses. Her most recent release of the third Crescent City book, House of Flame and Shadow, came out on January 30th, 2024. She has yet to announce a release date for the next 'ACOTAR' book, but that has not slowed down fans' excitement.

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses

2. A Court of Mist and Fury

3. A Court of Wings and Ruin

4. A Court of Frost and Starlight

5. A Court of Silver Flames

Crescent City Series

Photo: Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas.. Image Courtesy Bloomsbury Publishing /

SJM took a different approach to Crescent City with it being her first fantasy series set in a modern-day world. The contemporary setting and added technology brought a new element to this fantasy.

The leading lady in this series is Bryce Quinlan. She is a strong-willed woman navigating trauma while discovering secrets about the powerful beings who run the world. This series received mixed opinions from fans as it contrasts what they are used to from Maas. Although, it was just as steamy, fun, and engaging as her other series.

SJM announced that there will be one more addition to the Crescent City family. This series was the first of Maas' to incorporate characters from her other worlds. Fans hope to see more crossover in the future.

1. House of Earth and Blood

2. House of Sky and Breath

3. House of Flame and Shadow

Why the obsession with SJM books?

As mentioned, these books truly allow readers to feel like they are living within them. They provide an escape from daily stresses and a moment to forget your worries. Maas makes you feel like you know her characters and are a part of their stories.

Fans also rave about her ability to incorporate real-life experiences. Whether that be touching on mental struggles like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and grief, or just a character having a bad period. Maas seamlessly combines real-life scenarios into a world of fantasy.

Her books encompass love, heartbreak, action, and humor. She has a way of leaving fans with dramatic cliffhangers and exciting twists. She is known for ending her books with unmatched intensity and thrilling events that leave everyone wanting more.

Her imagery is unmatched, readers can picture her scenes and characters as if they are in real life. This has ignited fans' hope for a Maas series to become a live-action. There were talks of Hulu picking up 'ACOTAR', however, this seems to be in limbo. Some reports state it is still in development, while others say it has been "scrapped".

Fans have expressed their desire for HBO to take on the project with a Game of Thrones-level of production. Readers have enjoyed posting their fan casts with one another. We can only hope if a Maas series comes to television the casting team will consider fans' input, as they have made the 'Maas-verse' what it is today.

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