"Trying" Is Apple TV+'s Best Comedy Under The Radar

Apple TV+ "Trying" Season 4 Special Screening & Q&A
Apple TV+ "Trying" Season 4 Special Screening & Q&A / Dave Benett/GettyImages

AppleTV+ has made a name for itself through dramas like The Morning Show and comedies like Ted Lasso. But, for all of the great content on the streaming platform, Trying is Apple TV+'s best option.

Trying is a brilliant portrayal of a comedy in a world where the definition of "comedy show" jumps from the funny Elsbeth to the more dramatic, The Bear.

Never trying too hard to be funny, Trying perfectly tells the story of Nikki and Jason, a couple desiring to start a family, and the obstacles and triumphs that come from moving forward with the adoption process.

Trying is captivating as a show that wears its heart on its sleeve, always for the heartwarming and feel-good moment rather than forcing itself to go down paths just for the sake of drama or reaching too high for a joke and missing.

Instead, Trying is almost effortlessly funny, as the writing team understand the positive and faults of their characters while the show's main and ensemble supporting cast portray a chemistry that makes them undeniably feel like a real family that undergoes highs, lows, agreements, and fights.

Season four's six-year time jump offers a new look at Nikki and Jason's dynamic with their kids, Princess and Tyler, and what it means now that Princess and Tyler have grown up from just being cute kids to being at an age where they can be argumentative or secretive.

Although each season only holds eight episodes, this is still a series that perfectly manages those episodes and gives itself a solid sense of pacing, rather than the timing feeling rushed or too drawn out. Instead, there are arguably not enough episodes in each season to further get to spend time with this array of characters and storylines.

Trying is a show that can pick the viewer up after a long hard day, or that could always be a fun series to go back and re-watch because of its upbeat style. Trying does not have to try hard to be a show that feels like coming home.

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