The Twilight x Colourpop collection preview is a dream

Twilight and Colourpop are here to take over our makeup routines in 2024.

Rome Film Festival 2008: 'Twilight' - Premiere
Rome Film Festival 2008: 'Twilight' - Premiere / Franco Origlia/GettyImages

Colourpop has introduced some amazing collabs in the past but none holds a candle to its upcoming Twilight collection.

No matter if they're going based on the books or movies, this franchise is entirely too popular and beloved for fans not to want it. Plus let's be real, vampires are becoming hot again so why not choose now to release this collection?

The sad news is that we won't get a full look at the collection until January 11th at 10 am PST when it launches on ColourPop's website. It'll then be available on Ulta's website on January 14th. Until then, ColourPop did give us a small preview.

While the collection will no doubt be full of some great products, this small glimpse into just a few products is enough to get me excited and hopeful for the full thing to

This new Twilight x ColourPop collection is a dream.

As you can see from the tweet featured above, the brand already has SO much hype around this release, and rightfully so. Twilight is such a massive franchise and there's no way people won't be excited by these new products.

While the brand featured a lot of sneak peeks on its Twitter, I don't want to get too in-depth as I know some are waiting to see the full collection. Regardless, I had to give a shoutout to two products I couldn't help but want to have.

The first is the Like Diamonds SOL Shimmering Dry Oil which is everyone's chance to finally sparkle like Edward Cullen. I don't know if I'm just someone who loves glitter or just wants to sparkle but this product is at the top of my list. Plus the bottle and packaging are too die for so how could you say not to this?!

The other product I'm dying to get my hands on is the Lux Lip Oil which comes in three Twilight-inspired packages including "Team Edward," "Bells," and "Team Jacob." As you can see, that's a bit of something for everyone including Team Switzerland. if you're a Twilight girl, you get it but honestly, I'm just dying to see these products in person.

Thankfully, we only have a few more days to wait and then we can start ordering these products. Until then, it's plenty of time to rewatch the entire Twilight Saga.

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