Lush Joins Forces With Barbie For a Line of Perfectly Pink Bath Products

Lush x Barbie Collaboration. Image Courtesy of Lush.
Lush x Barbie Collaboration. Image Courtesy of Lush. /

Get in Barbie, it’s bath time! From nail polish to high heels to backpacks to “I am Kenough” hoodies, there’s been no shortage of Barbie-themed merchandise released alongside the eponymous blonde’s first live-action feature film. But Barbie’s latest collaboration is a particularly exciting one for skincare addicts, beauty lovers—or anybody who can appreciate a good old-fashioned bubble bath. That’s right, Lush, the masterminds behind all your favorite bath bombs, bubble bars, and skincare godsends have joined forces with Barbie to launch a limited-time collection: and Culturess got our (pink manicured) hands on a whole slew of products to test out for ourselves.

The full collection includes ten products: a perfume, a bubble bar, a bath bomb (because duh), a shampoo, a jelly mask, a body balm, and three shaped soaps. Because (according to the Lush site) pink is powerful, all 10 products come in varying shades of her signature shade—and the soaps, in particular (shaped like a Boombox, Heel, and Handbag) are all in the same warm coral pink color with an accompanying rhubarb and custard scent. A similarly pale-toned body balm (shaped like a heart with Barbie’s logo at the center) rounds out the solid soaps of the collection: Now, for the fun stuff.

Barbie Jelly

Though jelly face masks on the whole are relatively new to Lush’s vast roster of skincare products, it didn’t take long for Barbie to get a version of her own. This jelly face mask (unlike several other Lush face masks) doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and with its calamine powder and kaolin clay, can be the perfect balm for skin in need of some gentle care. Our jelly mask wasn’t *quite* the pink one would expect from a Barbie face mask (much closer to an off-white) and there wasn’t much of a scent to speak of, but if you’re looking for a neutral, calming face mask for skin that isn’t prone to breakouts, this could be the product for you.

Barbie Bath and Barbie Bubble

Of course, the mainstay of any Lush collaboration collection will always be the whimsically shaped (and scented, and colored) bath products, and Barbie cooked up both a bubble bar and bath bomb for her new crossover collection. The bath bomb is Barbie’s signature “B” logo outlined in white, and fizzles into sparkling pink bath water, with a subtle, sweet scent of coconut milk. The bubble bar, on the other hand, is shaped like Barbie’s pink convertible, and suds up almond, cherry, and orange bubbles on contact with water. Given the option, we’ll always pick the fun of a bath bomb over the slow burn of a bubble bar, but you can’t go wrong with either of these sweet, sparkly bath products.

Barbie Pink

The Lush x Barbie collection doesn’t end with soaps and bubbles, though there’s also a brand new shampoo for self-care devotees looking to get Barbie’s signature silk locks. Though we can’t promise you’ll look like Margot Robbie, we *can* heartily give this sweet, strawberry, and lemon-scented shampoo a pink shimmering seal of approval. Watch out if you’ve got very light or fine hair, though—the pigment that gives the shampoo its beautiful fuchsia hue could leave residual color on certain hair types.

Barbie x Lush Perfume

They may be most well-known for bath bombs and soaps, but Lush is also no stranger to putting out perfumes, and who better to create a signature scent with than Barbie herself? The fragrance, simply called “Barbie x Lush” is a body spray with the same almond, tonka, and orange notes as Lush’s classic “snow fairy” scent. It’s an uber-sweet smell that will certainly please any candy lovers, but if you’re not into sugary scents (or you already have snow fair) this one may be a skip.

Barbie Dream

While we may love that bath bomb (it’s a Barbie logo, what’s not to love?) there’s one runaway winner of the collection in our eyes—and that’s the dream sugar scrub. With a deliciously addictive lemon myrtle and Persian lime scent, this sugary scrub is a perfect punch of citrus to add to your shower routine. It comes in a beautiful white-and-pink swirl and will leave your legs brightened and feeling silky smooth—all packaged in a limited-edition neon pink container. You really can’t go wrong with the sweet, citrusy soaps and smells of the Lush x Barbie collection, but if you’re going to grab one product, make it this one.

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