The Takeover is a trope-filled romp from Cara Tanamachi

The Takeover is a fun new romance from Cara Tanamachi.
The Takeover by Cara Tanamachi. Image Credit to St. Martin's Griffin.
The Takeover by Cara Tanamachi. Image Credit to St. Martin's Griffin. /

If there’s one trope I’ll never tire of, it’s rivals-to-lovers. There’s something delicious about it and that’s exactly how The Takeover by Cara Tanamachi is.

You might recognize the author from her 2023 release which was The Second You’re Single and this time, we’re getting an entirely different story. If anything, The Takeover made me want to go back and reread her previous work.

While 2024 is a new year, a lot of the tried and true tropes are still there and The Takeover has so many great ones. This is also a great book to pick up if you’re just craving something fun and a little bit ridiculous.

I’d like to thank St. Martin’s Griffin for sending me an ARC and allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

The Takeover is a fun twist on some favorite tropes.

The title of The Takeover plays into a few different things with the main thing being Nami possibly losing her company: Toggle. The company is struggling and she doesn’t want to sell but most of all, she doesn’t want to sell to Rainforest which is essentially the book’s version of Amazon.

Things get even tenser when she realizes that she’s going to have to deal with Jae, her old high-school rival. The two butted heads back in high school and now, they’re meeting back up again. Of course, time didn’t heal all wounds and Nami can’t seem to stop butting heads with him yet it ends up being Jae’s favorite part.

This book did take me a while to get into but after I did, I ended up really enjoying it. I loved seeing all the character development for Nami and Jae. The two had a lot of thinking to do about themselves, their careers, and their love lives. Of course, those things can get intermixed given the plotline of the story.

Regardless, Cara Tanamachi did an excellent job of showing both the good and bad sides of these characters. They weren’t flawless or perfect, they felt real and I loved them. There is just something so utterly incredible about watching too imperfect people find their perfect relationship.

Whether you’re new to Cara Tanamachi or not, The Takeover is a great book to read to end your January reading or help kickstart your Valentine’s Day reading. Either way, this was a fun one and helped introduce me to an author I know I’ll be revisiting.

The Takeover by Cara Tanamachi is out now where books are sold.

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