The Next Best Fling is a terrific debut by Gabriella Gamez

The Next Best Fling by Gabriella Gamez. Image Credit to Forever.
The Next Best Fling by Gabriella Gamez. Image Credit to Forever. /

As romance readers, I feel like we have no shame in a cover buy. I mean clutch covers exist for a reason but The Next Best Fling absolutely sucked me in.

While the cover hooked me in, I heard the pitch from Forever and knew this one was going on my TBR ASAP. Of course, we’ll talk about that in a second but this book is the start of a new series called Librarians in Love.

For those who are readers or just love a good romance book, then that series name is bound to get you excited. As someone who has read The Next Best Fling already, I truly have no idea whose book we’ll be getting next.

With that being said, I’d like to thank Forever for sending me an ARC so I was able to read and review this one early.

The Next Best Fling is a dazzling debut romance by Gabriella Gamez.

The Next Best Fling follows our main character, Marcela who is a librarian who is hopelessly in love with her best friend: Ben. Unfortunately, the book starts out with him getting engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Alice. While everyone else saw it coming, Marcela is completely blindsided and it leads her to consider a lot. Ultimately, she decides to try to work through her feelings and get over him.

In comes Theo who is Ben’s brother and also a retired NFL player. The trouble with him is that he’s in love with Alice. As you can see, it starts off completely messy as Marcela ends up talking Theo out of confessing his feelings to Alice during their engagement party. The two end up going home together and rumors begin flying immediately.

Rather than correct everyone, Marcela and Theo decide to fake-date. From there, it ends up being more of a friends-with-benefits situation as the sexual tension between these two is palpable. I truly could not get enough of these two together as I could have read 100 more pages of them going on dates, hanging out, and hooking up as they were so much fun.

Coupled with all the drama and tension surrounding the wedding, The Next Best Fling has a lot of mess. Regardless, it makes for a fast-paced and fun read that will have you screaming, crying, and throwing up before the end. You might not end up throwing up but my goodness, this book takes you on a ride.

While this is a fun romp, The Next Best Fling also focuses on some tougher topics including parental abandonment, strained sibling relationships, and dealing with a lot of complicated emotions related to previous relationships. If you’re able to handle it, I’d highly recommend The Next Best Fling for your next read.

The Next Best Fling by Gabriella Gamez is out now where books are sold.

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