Just Playing House is spectacularly crafted by Farah Heron

If you're looking for a romance to dazzle you this summer, pick up Just Playing House.
Just Playing House by Farah Heron. Image Credit to Forever.
Just Playing House by Farah Heron. Image Credit to Forever. /

I am sad to report that this is my first time, reading Farah Heron. Considering how quickly I devoured and enjoyed Just Playing House, I can't wait to pick up more from her.

For those who are familiar with her work, you might recognize her other titles including Jana Goes Wild, Accidentally Engaged, or Tahira in Bloom. Frankly, I've always been drawn to her covers and I'm happy I finally picked up one of her books.

Before getting into my review though, I wanted to share a few notes to be aware of before you pick up Just Playing House. This story does follow our main character, Marley as she undergoes a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. It ends up being a huge part of her journey so if you are sensitive to that, please make sure to tread lightly.

With that being said, I'd like to thank Forever for sending me an ARC and making me even more interested in Farah's other works so let's get into my thoughts and feelings.

Just Playing House is a delightful yet intense rom-com.

The story begins with Marley as she's working at Reid's which is a high-end store and she's great at her job. She's so great that she ends up bagging a massive client named Nikhil. Nikhil has recently bagged a major superhero film role and needs to win the fans over and it starts with changing up his look.

He requires Marley to help him and we find out that the two have some history. They were prom dates in high school, had one night of passion and it all went up in smoke. Of course, it's clear the chemistry between the two is still there. The two aren't looking for anything serious as Marley is going to be out for her surgery and Nikhil has to prepare for his role as Bronze Shadow. Of course, their plans intertwine as Nikhil agrees to help Marley after her surgery if she'll let him stay there and also dress him for any and all publicity events.

As you might imagine, these two roommates turn into lovers. Frankly, the romance between Marley and Nikhil was absolutely delightful. Seeing them slowly but surely fall for each other had my heart singing. These two were also there for each other as Marley had some complicated feelings after her surgery while Nikhil was dealing with all the fame and the entire Internet talking about him. It was overwhelming to read about at times.

While I loved the romance between these two, I loved seeing how much Marley and Nikhil both grew and changed as people. Marley was dealing with so much stress and thinking about the grief of losing her aunt to breast cancer. Her family was also pretty complicated but she had such a great support system with her cousins, best friend, and of course, Nikhil. As for Nikhil, he was dealing with some family issues related to his brother being in prison, making things all the more complicated for Nikhil.

Somehow, Farah Heron hit that sweet spot of romance and plot without sacrificing one or the other in Just Playing House. The other thing I wanted to mention is that Marley is carrying the BRCA1 genetic mutation which puts her at a high risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Frankly, it's a lot for her to deal with and can be tough for some readers. However, if you're able to handle the content, Just Playing House is an utter delight.

Just Playing House by Farah Heron is out now where books are sold.

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