The Inmate is an absurdly fun thriller from Freida McFadden

Hunting for your next beach read? Look no further than The Inmate.

The Inmate by Freida McFadden. Image Credit to Poisoned Pen Press.
The Inmate by Freida McFadden. Image Credit to Poisoned Pen Press. /

March feels like a new beginning and the start of the spring season. That’s why it’s fun to see The Inmate by Freida McFadden being released now.

When most people think of thrillers, they usually think of spooky and chilly months such as October and November. For Freida McFadden though, she doesn’t seem to care what month it is.

In addition, Poisoned Pen Press is making sure she’s finally getting her time to shine as a lot of her books are now being republished under that imprint. For those who don’t know, Poisoned Pen Press is under the Sourcebooks umbrella.

Whether you’re new to Freida McFadden or The Inmate will be your first one, you won’t be able to put this one down.

The Inmate by Freida McFadden is an absurd yet fun thriller.

If there’s one thing you have to know when picking up a Freida McFadden book, it’s that you’re probably going to have to suspend your disbelief. The author tends to take a few liberties but not without a good reason.

With The Inmate, we’re following two timelines. Brooke recently got a job at a maximum security prison as a nurse practitioner which is the current timeline and then we’re following Brooke in the past as a teenager as she narrowly avoided being killed by her boyfriend at the time, Shane.

I’m sure you can see where this is going as Brooke ends up getting a job at the prison where Shane is housed. From there, the entire thing turns into a maze of twists and turns that at times is too hard to keep track of. Once everything is revealed though, your mouth is going to drop open especially at the very end of the book.

If there’s one Freida McFadden can do, it’s create a compelling thriller you won’t want to put down and drop an ending you’ll never see coming. Whether you’re craving something chilling or just need something fast-paced to get out of a slump, then I highly suggest picking up The Inmate this March.

The Inmate by Freida McFadden is out now where books are sold.