Sara Shepard Delivers An Exciting New Mystery With "Nowhere Like Home"

Nowhere Like Home by Sarah Shepard. Image Credit to Penguin Random House.
Nowhere Like Home by Sarah Shepard. Image Credit to Penguin Random House. /

For fans who loved the young adult series, Pretty Little Liars, Sara Shepard's latest novel, Nowhere Like Home, embodies the mystery and eerie questions surrounding a group of women.

Nowhere Like Home preys on the uncertainties and discomfort of socially anxious introverts as lead protagonist Lenna must unravel mysteries surrounding her past after reuniting with her estranged friend Rhiannon at Halycon, an only women's community.

Lenna is a socially anxious introvert, still finding her way after the death of her mother and without the experience of having many friends when she comes across Rhiannon, and nothing is ever the same again.

Nowhere Like Home is host to layered and complex characters, most of which have something to hide.

Sara Shepard develops the intricate friendships and inner monologues in a way that beautifully captures the realism of humanity, down to allowing the audience to become entwined in the growing mess, entirely engrossed in the story, and occasionally downright frustrated by any of the character's actions.

This is the type of novel that has you questioning everything that anyone, including Lenna, has to hide, which delivers a punch at the exact right moment in the book as Sara Shepard is well aware of the point in the story where the reader would want an answer to the question.

Nowhere Like Home perfectly crafts its story, putting the reader on an adventure of discussing the conflicts and emotional difficulties of motherhood, toxic friendships, and questioning personal growth.

Changes in perspective help tell the story as understanding the series of events through different sets of eyes helps gives a larger sense of grasping the main narrative and answering bigger questions about the various characters.

Nowhere Like Home blends friendship, horror, and mystery from beginning to end, and it is a story that you will have to read to believe.

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